Maintenance-free fascias, gutters and soffits by Masterhouse Services

In the past, soffits and fascias have been traditionally made from wood which has meant homeowners having to stuggle up ladders and paint them every few years or having to get a tradesman in to do it. 

Wooden soffits and fascias are also susceptible to rotting and, if left, will eventually allow water ingress into the roof space and walls causing damp.

Today, thankfully soffits and fascias are generally made of maintenance-free UPVC plastic. 

UPVC soffits (the board fitted to the underside of overhanging eaves) and fascias (the board fitted over the end of the rafters) never need painting and will never rot, so once fitted, you can literally forget all about them.

They also come in a range of colours and styles to match your home.

The same applies to gutters and downpipes. Old metal gutters and downpipes also required regular painting to prevent corrosion and rust but now, there are even plastic gutters and downpipes that are made to look like original iron fittings for older style buildings.

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